Pay Per Click

Campaign Set Up

A professionally designed online campaign should significantly increase conversations and make the most of your budget.

Target Driven

We build campaigns which focus on relevant keywords at optimum times for the given target market.

Analytical Reports

We use analytical PPC reports to regularly review your Campaign, making recommendations and adjusting as required.

Compliments SEO

PPC can be integrated with SEO to increase both conversations and effective market penetration.

All Budgets

We are sure to have a cost effective solution to suit your budget.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC offers an effective means of online advertising, particularly in highly competitive markets. Regardless of how many Organic listings are found, if you have a unique advert and if your chosen keywords and key phrases match a search, your listing can appear either above, below or to the side of the Organic listings, as shown in the graphic.

PPC Strategy

Let us research your target market and set up a PPC strategy specifically for your business and budget. More than just an advertising medium, an effective PPC strategy will compliment your entire Campaign and offer a level of persistence which increases conversations.


With modern re-marketing sophistication, your advert can be made to follow a PPC visitor across the internet for a certain amount of time in order to extend the window of interest and increase the opportunity for return visits.

Full Flexibility

Another advantage offered by PPC is the ability to stop or start it at any time. This can be very handy when you need a holiday or to maximise cost effectiveness during promotions and special offers etc. You can even set PPC to run at times of the day or year when your target market is most active. Please call us for more information and to find out just how PPC could benefit your campaign.


PPC Rankings & Reporting

We maintain regular statistical reports which we use to make periodic recommendations and adjustments to your Campaign. In this way we preserve your good ranking and ensure ongoing best performance.

Here are some of the things we look at:

Average Position

Overall campaign performance can be gauged by the average position of your advert against the competition. Keeping you in the top three is important and we must take action if / when it drops below.

Click Through Rate

The number of times the Advert was displayed (impressions) vs the number of times the Advert was selected (clicked) is the “Click Through Rate” and it is used for assessing the effectiveness of the Advert itself. We will advise you on the optimum click rates which vary from industry to industry.

Average Cost Per Click

This analytic helps us to improve the cost effectiveness of PPC by identifying and targeting valuable and inexpensive clicks.


Are You Ready To Be Noticed Online?

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