5 Web Design Trends in Leicester for 2021

If you’re looking to update your website or are in the midst of building a new one, take a look at some of the latest web design trends for 2021 so you can stay ahead of the curve and continually evolve your website user experience.

Dark mode

Dark mode options are increasing in popularity in web design for several reasons. It helps reduce the amount of blue light exposure, which disrupt sleeping patterns, helps extend battery life on devices, increase the design options for a site, and looks polished and pure.

Minimal navigation

As attention spans shorten and the devices that people look at websites on becoming tinier the need to feature only the essential features on a website increases. A menu, some core content and a clear call to action are all some websites need to increase user ease.

Combining photographs with graphics

Adding bright or fun graphics to high-quality photos can really help bring your website and brand to life by drawing the user in and enhancing their experience on your site.

Immersive 3D

With advancements in web design in Leicester, immersive 3D graphics are growing more prevalent as a prelude to virtual reality to engage users who visit your website. They often span the width of the screen to immerse the user truly.

Hand drawn graphics

Not all people seek the ultra-tech website experience. Sometimes the human touch is what some of us need. Hand drawn graphics incorporate a human and emotional element into your website that can have a lasting effect on users.

If you are looking to upgrade an existing website or would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs for a brand new site, contact Web Designers Leicester today.